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What is Tagua? 

La Tagua –“ Where  “Mother Nature” is our greatest designer”
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 Tagua nuts are found inside the spiky pod of the female Tagua palm tree after germination by a “male” tagua palm, usually 6 -8 feet away. A long, fir-like, 4-6 foot long tubular flower with thousands of yellow, pungent smelling stamen or pistils grow from the “male” tree.

Hundreds of ant-like insects eventually infest the flower and instinctively march in columns to carry the larvae over to a nearby “female” tagua tree for pollination. This occurs only a few times a year in the tropical areas of South America. Several quadrants are then grown and fused together to form one large pod cluster. The nuts are originally a clear liquid with a combined coconut & vinegar taste. These would eventually solidify after about one year to form the hard, white, ivory-like consistency that we see used today. There is no damage or harm to the tree itself during the harvesting. Most of the nuts are picked up from the ground while their occasional removal does not adversely affect the palm itself.

 Each tagua seed can take 5-6 years just to germinate so responsible practices, attention to its future growth and sustainability is of utmost importance to us.

 Tagua is also known as “Vegetable  ivory” where, like natural ivory, its sizes and colors can very slightly making each piece, custom-designed, unique, precious and more special to customers.



TAGUA >>>To Jewelry
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Cross section of the Tagua  pod
exposing the nuts after full maturity.


Mother Nature is our Best Designer.
 The progression of a tagua nut’s development. Many designs will incorporate the outer skin to one degree or another for it’s individual look and more natural organic appearance. This makes it clear to others that this is not a petro-chemical plastic. 

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We dye the colors with an eco-friendly dye from Switzerland and the USA and polish each piece well by hand


We will often include the seed skin on the outer ring designs  highlighting the natural beauty of tagua where each piece  is often a slightly different shape and in essence designed by “mother-nature” herself 



Each piece is assembled, arranged and designed by hand
Because it is a natural material no two pieces are exactly the same.


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