what is Tauga
Tagua is the seed of a palm found in the tropical areas of South America. It is available in various shapes and sizes.
Tagua is also know as “Vegetable ivory” where, like natural ivory, its sizes and colors can very slightly.

La Tagua Steps

Step 1
Tagua palm nuts.
After drying and solidifying for about 3 months the Tagua shells are split open to reveal and remove the hardened seed / nuts .

Step 2
Each tagua seed is hand cut to the desired shape and size needed.

Step 3
After washing each raw tagua piece 2-3 weeks are allowed for drying.

Step 4
The selected pieces are soaked in a boiling (American made) dye for 2 days for their pre-selected color.

Step 5
Each piece is assembled, arranged and designed by hand.

100% organic and vegetable based.
100% vegetable, very hard, tactile and workable.
Picked up from the ground.
Provides work to rural areas.
Replaces ivory, protects elephants and preserves the Amazon.